Cable Trunkings Systems & Accessories


Univolt® trunking systems are an ideal solution for numerous modern commercial applications and provide perfect protection for the latest technology in data and energy transfer.


The special clip-on system of the lid as well as the design of the cross section give the trunkings extraordinary stability. With a complete separation of the covering parts from the main trunking bodies it becomes very easy to exchange damaged sections


The plug-in system of maxi trunking accessories is not only functional, but optically appealing, giving the whole installation a clear and smooth shape

Univolt® Trunking Systems

Starline® is the trademark for the solid and adaptable cable trunking system from Dietzel Univolt®. With three possible trunking profiles it represents a flexible cable routing system which meets the requirements of extensive networks in modern office installations. Apart from a rich choice of items, the accessories are characterised by a clip-on system to ease installation work.

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practical and easy solution for the supply of power, data and telecommunication cabling in new and refurbished buildings.
ideal for use in offices, hospitals, schools, airports, laboratories, department stores & conference centres