General Details
Mureva LED Floodlight 

An LED lighting solution built to the highest standards of durability, quality, safety, and ergonomic design – fusing form and function together beautifully and reliably.

  • High efficiency LED. The LEDs are optimized for cost efficiency,
    providing a highly competitive lumen per dollar performance, while meeting the stringent performance and reliability standards required for modern lighting applications.
  • Designed to illuminate large areas, our LED floodlights are so powerful that the effect often feels like daylight
  • Our range of floodlights offers stylish and robust solutions that can endure the toughest conditions, thanks to our integrated weatherproof system
  • Ideal for home use, from garages and gardens to fats and basements. And also perfect for business use, from underground car parks and sports halls to hospitals and warehouses.
  • Slimline compact design with light weight
  • Die cast aluminium body powder coated black
  • Efficacy over 100lm/w
  • IP Rating: IP65